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Swipe #1- It's LIVE!

Subject Options:

The next generation for push notification is here
Capture 100% of your visitors..
Leverage your customer AFTER they leave
Funny little pop ups on the corner of your screen..
Copy and Paste- Capture 100% of your visitors!
You NEED this tool for your website..



So if you’ve ever been to a major site, like YouTube, CNN, or eBay, you’ve probably been shown a little “pop up” that says “NAME OF SITE wants to send you notifications.”

That’s called a “Push Notification.”

Now.. here’s the cool thing about that - it’s UNBLOCKABLE as it’s built into the major 3 browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

And before you say it, these 3 browsers represent 93% of the world’s population of browsers!

That little notification requires either a team of developers to code on your website, or you can short cut it with a simple 1 line of code with this… [Your Affiliate Link]

My friend Jimmy and his company Snaptactix, just released a brand new app that’s the next generation of Website Push Notifications called Push Connect Notify. [Your Affiliate Link]

Now - here’s what I love about it:

1. It’s 100% marketer friendly, letting you fully customize everything from logos, colors, buttons, and more..

2. It requires 1 copy and paste of code OR you can use the powerful 1 click wordpress OR shopfiy integration

3. It captures emails for you too! Integrated with the top 8 autoresponders OR you can paste your own code!

It’s literally the “perfect” way to capture 100% of your website traffic.

Go see how it works and the full demo here! [Your Affiliate Link]

And YES, it cane be installed ANYWHERE you can paste 1 line of code on your website! (Similar to google analytics etc)

This is a MUST HAVE for any serious marketer in 2017.

Leverage the power of your web browser with an UNBLOCKABLE technology that you can start using today!

Go ahead- check out Push Connect Notify today! [Your Affiliate Link]

See you there,


P.S. Push Notifications have changed the way businesses retain customers. It is easily one of the most powerful and simplest methods to increase sales. Do your business and yourself a favor and pick this one up. [Your Affiliate Link]

Swipe #2 - Benefits

Subject Options:

Communicate with your website visitors
Easier than email marketing..
Fortune 100 companies use this on their website..
STOP letting your visitors ESCAPE!


Ok - so typically when you land on a website, you browse around, and after you’ve seen everything, you’re suddenly offered an “exit pop up” that offers you some discount or reason to stay..

But the reality is, they have been used or people have “pop up blockers” to block those..

Simply put only about 5-10% of people even look at them anymore..

That’s why today, i’m excited to show you the next generation of push notifications.

You see large Fortune 100 companies like CNN, eBay, YouTube, and more have started to leverage the newest and most popular technology called Push Notifications.

But here’s the problem - they are UGLY and requires heavy programming/coding to use.

And that’s why I’m super excited to show you Push Connect Notify [Your Affiliate Link]

Imagine having a fully custom notification pop up, that has your logo, the colors you want, and the words YOU want to display..

And imagine giving them a REASON to say yes, then following up with an ASK for their email address..

The best part? It can’t be blocked by pop up blockers!

Go see it in action, the demo, and how it works here.. [Your Affiliate Link]

Push Connect Notify is a web based app that allows you to either:

- copy and paste a code
- Use the 1 click wordpress plug in option
- Use the 1 step shopify integration
- Use the actual line of code as a call to action

It’s all explained right here.. [Your Affiliate Link]

It’s a game changing tool that anyone with any type of website on the internet needs in 2017.

Regardless if it’s blog, landing page, eCom store, or sales page..

This little line of code will let you capture 100% of the traffic today.

So go ahead, check out Push Connect Notify today! [Your Affiliate Link]

See you there,


P.S. - Don’t let one of the most effectives ways to communicate with your customers slip through your fingertips. Get Push Connect Notify now and start a conversation. [Your Affiliate Link]

Swipe #3 - Traffic

Subject Options:

Turn Website Visitors Into buyers!
Paste this code, capture 100% of your visitors!
The MUST HAVE Tool for any website


Body: Hey,

When it comes to traffic, you know how precious every visitor is.

But why is it that we relay on an OLD outdated “pop up” or some opt in form on the right hand side to do the job that we need..

Traffic is valuable and today, i want to show you a way to get in your face of 100% of your visitors.

WITHOUT being able to be blocked, leveraging a technology that’s already built onto your visitors website and mobile phone..

That’s why I’m excited to show you Push Connect Notify. [Your Affiliate Link]

Push Connect Notify leverages an existing technology that’s available on every 93% of computers and phones in the world, and lets you get in front of every visitor.

And it’s fully customizable, allowing you to change the look, feel, and images you display, it also lets you position it where you want, AND display it as you wish.

PLUS.. it has an optional email capture that’s integrated with the top autoresponders or you can paste your own code!

Go see it in action and learn how you can capture 100% of your traffic today. [Your Affiliate Link]

This is the next generation of the old outdated “pop up” technology that works every time.

So go see Push Connect Notify in action and how it works! [Your Affiliate Link]

See you there,


Swipe #4 - Demo Angle

Subject Options:

Live Demo - Fastest Way to Capture Your Traffic
Live Demo Shows How YOU can get 100% of your visitors
Crazy Live Demo Shares Secret to Fortune 500 Websites



Have you heard about Push Connect Notify?

This powerful, yet simple app lets you capture 100% of your website traffic.

You can see the demo here[Your Affiliate Link]

Here's what I love about PCN:

- Customize the entire experience - from colors to logos
- Easy copy and paste installation
- 1 Click Wordpress or Shopify Installation
- Capture Their Email Addresses
- Instantly create push notifications to your customers
- Send your subscribers ANYWHERE you want
- And so much more!

Push Connect Notify is the next generation in Push Notification Technology!.[Your Affiliate Link]

And today, it's available to the general public at a very heavily discounted rate.

Most companies charge anywhere from $19 to $197 a month or more...

But as a special pricing for the unlimited, unrestricted plan is available today.

Go see Push Connect Notify in action and discover why it's the most useful tool of 2017. [Your Affiliate Link]

See you there,


Swipe #5 - Urgency/Strong Push Email

Subject Options:

This could be the difference you need..
Don't miss this..
A must have for 2017 (last chance)
Stop letting your traffic slip away
Urgent - This is time sensitive
About my last email...


Body: Over the past few days, I’ve been telling you all about an app that helps YOU capture 100% of your traffic.

Now.. the question is - have you taken action? [Your Affiliate Link]

This one line of code (or 1 click install on WP or Shopify) allows you to start engaging and capturing 100% of your traffic.

You can see it in action here! [Your Affiliate Link]

From offering them a gift, a discount, or simply asking them to stay in touch, push notifications are an unblockable technology that’s already enabled in your visitors computer.

AND my favorite part? Push Connect Notify took that simple technology, put the “marketers” spin on it, allowing you to full customize the entire experience AND capture their email address!

Sound too good to be true? Come check it out, you won’t be disappointed. [Your Affiliate Link]

Now like all good things ,this special and introductry pricing won’t last long.

So it’s time to make your decision to say YES and get your hands on the BEST marketer friendly website push notification app in the market today.

So go ahead, learn how it works and why you need it here! [Your Affiliate Link]

And I’ll see you there,


P.S. This is my final and last warning email. Take action today or pay the monthly cost.

Get your copy of Push Connect Notify today.

Swipe #6 - Fear Angle

Subject Options:

Don’t lose anymore visitors
Here’s how you get people to COME BACk to your website
One line of code can bring your customers BACK.
Stop losing money and customers - use this app!
Push button traffic saver!


Here’s the reality of things.

You have a website, landing page, eCom store, or sales page…

And it’s probably really pretty, with nice videos and graphics..

And you probably have some really outdated opt in box on the right hand side OR you’re using some “pop up technology” that only works 50% of the time and is often ignored..

That’s why today, i’m excited to show you Push Connect Notify.[Your Affiliate Link]

Push Connect Notify is a push notification app that’s designed by a marketer, for marketers, which allows you to leverage a powerful technology already built into your visitors computer..

An UNBLOCKABLE technology that you customize by color, words, and logo.. with even an optional email capture!

It’s all explained and revealed in this demo here. [Your Affiliate Link]

PLUS - it allows you to communicate and send “blasts” to re-engage and send your visitor to ANY site..

You may have already seen this in action on popular sites like CNN, eBay, YouTube or more..

And now you can have it on your website - Start by checking it out right here! [Your Affiliate Link]

If you’re serious about capturing 100% of your traffic, then you need to STOP what you’re doing and grab this tool now..

Just one line of code is all it requires and you can send unlimited “blasts!”

OR you can use even use the 1 click wordpress or 1 step shopify app!

Go see it in action and STOP using old technology today! [Your Affiliate Link]

Talk Soon,


P.S. You don’t need any technical skills or knowledge to use this. It’s literally “copy and paste” simple.

Go see Push Connect Notify in action now![Your Affiliate Link]

Swipe #7 - Love Angle

Subject Options:

Your Visitors will LOVE YOU for this
Start a conversation with your customer
Push Notifications - The way to your customers heart
Reach traffic In a whole new way
Communicate with your website visitors as they LAND on your page
Push, Connect, and Capture Your Visitors



When it comes to your website visitors, it’s IMPORTANT that you’re communicating them as soon as you can.

As an average person only spends seconds on a website before they leave..

And chances are you’re relaying on an old “exit pop up” technology that’s being ignored.

Just a few months ago, the 3 major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari just released a new in-built browser technology that’s UNBLOCKABLE by the typical pop-up blocker.

And they called it “Push Notifications.”[Your Affiliate Link]

Now - I know there’s already plenty of “Push Notifications Apps” in the marketplace today, but have you seen one that does this:

1. Fully customizable - from logo, to colors, to words and more.
2. Optional Email Capture - Taking the idea of “micro-commitments” to the next level
3. 1 line of code OR use the 1 click wordpress app OR 1 step shopify app
4. 100% marketer friendly - send them to ANY site you want
5. Build a “list” of notification subscribers that you can “message” at any time!

This is what we call the NEXT GENERATION and it’s called Push Connect Notify![Your Affiliate Link]

You can see it in action here![Your Affiliate Link]

Listen- instead of offering a person a discount or gift when they EXIT your page, why not get in their face right away and offer them something immediately while they are FRESH to your page..

Plus, it’s a powerful way to capture 100% of your traffic!

Go see Push Connect Notify in action today![Your Affiliate Link]

See you there,


P.S. You can take your business to the next level and with this product I know you will.

Leverage Push Notification technology to capture 100% of your traffic, taking advantage and crush the competition with advanced advertising that goes straight to your customers desktop or phone.

Go ahead, check it out here![Your Affiliate Link]

Swipe #8 - Concise and Direct

Subject Options:

Copy and Paste - New “enter” technology
Effective way to capture 100% of your visitors (requires copy and paste)
Connect and Capture Your Website Visitors - 100% of the time.
I’ll keep this short and sweet..
Leverage the SAME technology as the TOP 100..


Just a few months ago, Chrome, Firefox,and Safari released a new “push notification” technology that’s UNBLOCKABLE by typical pop up blockers..

Today, I want to show you how you can use the same technology that the TOP 100 sites in the world..

But with the marketing twist YOU deserve.

It’s that simple... See the demo here. [Your Affiliate link]

Fully customizable with no limitations AND all it requires is 1 line of code copy and paste OR use their special WP app or Shopify integration.

Go see how it works and why you need it here! [Your Affiliate link]

This is the best way and my #1 recommendation on how YOU can capture 100% of your traffic today.

Talk Soon,



If you have any questions, feel free to contact either of us. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, simply email us! We look forward for your support!


Jimmy Kim